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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

Shipping Import File Format

What is the file format for importing shipping tracking numbers in the admin site?

In order to import tracking numbers through the Orders->Shipping Import/Export option in the admin site, the CSV file has to be properly formatted.  The file should be 3 columns, with no headers. 

- The first column should be either Y or N, indicating whether or not the order has been voided.  
   Note: This will not appear on ML and can be ignored.
- The second column is the order number *
- The third column contains the tracking number from the shipping carrier


This applies to ML and below

Y  100004  234987234234311
N  100031  923498723423312
N  100032  122342374230117

While this applies to ML

100004  234987234234311
100031  923498723423312
100032  122342374230117

* The software appends a "-#" to the end of order numbers if you do a shipping export (ex: 100004-1).  The extra number is the record ID of the shipping address for that order, from the Address table.  The import file will work with or without that appended value.