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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

Page cannot be displayed when viewing a product/entity page

AspDotNetStorefront appears to have installed properly and default.aspx loads, but any time you try to access a product or category, you receive a "404: Page cannot Be Displayed" error. 

To resolve the issue in IIS5/6
1 - View the site properties for the site in question in IIS 
2 - Click the Home Directory tab, then click Configuration 
3 - On the Mappings tab, highlight ".aspx" on the list 
4 - Click Edit and uncheck the "Check that file exists" option

For IIS7+, follow this procedure in IIS:
  1. Select the site
  2. Open "Handler Mappings"
  3. Locate any entries that have a Path Type OTHER than "Unspecified" , with the exception of: Static File
  4. Double-click the entry name, Click "Request Restrictions"
  5. UNCHECK the "Invoke handler only if request is mapped to:", Click OK