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Welcome to the release notes for our Admin Service Pack. The earlier service pack ( SP1) is NOT a pre-requisite for this release. However, if you install Admin Service Pack, then install SP1, you must reinstall Admin Service Pack. All of the following scenarios have been successfully tested in our labs:

  • with SP1
  • with Admin Service Pack
  • SP1 with Admin SP layered on top
  • Admin Service Pack with SP1 layered on top with Admin SP re-installed (ie Admin must be applied alone, or second)
  • Below we reveal the contents of the Admin Service Pack. As before, we do not pretend that we have found and fixed everything. Instead we have focused on those things that were causing the highest impact problems and we have been diligent in maximizing the improvements while leaving the smallest footprint. There are some very significant areas of change, and we have highlighted those for your easy attention.

    We have some patches for items that we could not wrap into a service pack without being very intrusive and which do not affect the majority of people. Please, if you are still having some problems after applying our service packs, do not hesitate to approach us via our support system at http://support.aspdotnetstorefront.com

    Admin Side Fixes & Enhancements

    The "enter" button works throughout, as an alternative to clicking buttons

    Special characters are respected in entity names

    Admin breadcrumb trails have been normalized. In particular, it is now easy to move backwards and forwards between product and variant

    SE meta-data is now successfully persisted.

    Extended prices now work on unlimited customer levels

    Appconfigs now honor micro images

    Clone and Nuke are returned at entity level and are easy to find and execute

    ImportProductsFromExcel - messaging is improved

    New customer creation through phone order entry now includes data validation

    Publish/Unpublish at an entity level now works as expected. The ability to undelete an entity has been removed

    The "Bulk Update" page no longer forces rounding

    Mailing Manager now successfully exports customer lists

    It is no longer possible to accidentally create a store named "blank"

    Inventory is updated via department

    Performance has been significantly improved. There are no longer delays on product and entity management and post-compile times are dramatically improved. The cart admin console has been working smoothly and quickly under test conditions

    "Nickname" is no longer a required field, although customers upgrading (as opposed to new builds) will still see the asterisk (*)

    Improvements have been made to "shipping import" such that it now imports from .CSV through all leading browsers

    All entities now have inline product mapping and extensive grid-style batch edit capabilities

    ShippingMethodIDIfFreeShippingIsOn now allows multiple shipping methods

    It is now possible to email a customer direct from the edit/view customer page

    Products and variants now expand and collapse from the grid page

    UPS Worldship - the use of a comma is now respected and performs properly. Shipments with deleted addresses are no longer included in the export

    Shipping Methods can successfully be added and deleted

    Wishlist, broken in VB 9013, is now fixed

    Improvements to the store maintenance page allow multiple selections on a single page. Note that mapping entities to stores will only be applied if filtering is enabled through the app configs.

    A utility has been implemented to help find and map products to enter into Related, Upsell, and Required product CSV fields

    Admin reports now have a default start date of "one month ago" instead of launch date of the store

    Filters have been modified to drop downs on "view sales price"

    Filters have been modified to drop downs on "view sales price"

    Topics are mapped to store-id's, on creation (and only on creation) from the "edit topics" page and are not mapped via "Store Maintenance"

    In Entity Mapping, many buttons have been moved to make workflow more intuitive

    User interface for Phone Order Entry (purchase) has been improved

    Entity mapping now includes "download files"

    Since the shipping zone could not be mapped to a country, we have removed the label

    Redundant "Download License File" button has been removed