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This article applies to: MultiStore

Backup Payment Gateways

Beginning in version 9, the software supports setting up a backup payment gateway. In the event that your primary gateway doesn't respond to transaction requests (ie the gateway is temporarily down, there's a routing issue, etc) the software will 'roll over' to the backup gateway and try the transaction again, to prevent the loss of an order.

Note that this does require that you have a merchant account with both gateways at all times.

To set up a backup payment gateway:

1) Open the link "Configure Per Store and Backup Gateways" in the Configuration - Site Configuration Wizard under the "Payment Gateway:" section, and edit as desired for the available fields.

2) Configure the backup payment gateway using the "configure" link to the right of the gateway in the listed Payment Gateways. Do not attempt to set the radio button for the backup gateway.

NOTE: If you need to change this or blank it out, you need to change the PaymentGatewayBackup AppConfig directly.

NOTE: The Primary Gateway Reties and Backup Gateway Retries settings control how many times the software will try to contact the primary and secondary gateways respectively before displaying an error to the customer. Do not set these too high, or the delay may cause customers to give up.

NOTE: Vault/Wallet-type behavior (such as with the Authorize.net CIM integration) does not work on backup gateways.