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The Newsletter feature allows you to collect customer email addresses easily through the site without them having to register. NOTE that anyone creating a new customer account that selects YES for the "OK to EMail" checkbox will also be signed up for the store Newsletter (selecting the "OK to EMail" option on an existing account will not sign them up for the Newsletter), in the Standard checkout. Customers can fill in the simple form and be added to a separate list of customers that is maintained through the admin site at Configuration -> Pricing and Promotions -> Newsletter Manager.

On this page, the customers who have filled in the form are listed, along with the date/time they first registered, the date/time they confirmed their subscription (see below), and the date/time they unsubscribed if applicable.

Customers add themselves to the list by filling out the AJAX form generated by the aspdnsf:Newsletter control. This can be placed anywhere in your template with code like this (note that your code may differ slightly, discuss with your skin designer):

<div class="leftNav" id="divNewsletter">
<aspdnsf:NewsletterControl ID="NewsletterControl1" runat="server" />

Once customers are on your newsletter list, you can send out bulk emails to them through the Mailing Manager page.

The newsletter has several configurable options, outlined below:

AppConfig NameDescription
Newsletter.CaptchaErrorDisplayLengthIf you have CAPTCHA enabled (see below) and a customer enters the wrong value,t his setting determines how long the error message displays before goign back to the input screen.
Newsletter.GetFirstAndLastIf true, customers' first and last names will be collected. Otherwise just their email address.
Newsletter.OptInLevelThe setting determines how many steps a customer must go through to be added to the newsletter list. There are 3 settings: Single, Double, and Triple. If this is set to Single, customers only have to fill out the form to be added to the list. If Double, they are emailed a link after filling out the form and have to click a link before they're approved. If Triple, customers are emailed a link after filling out the form and have to click the link, then click a button on the page they're taken to.
Newsletter.OptOutLevelThis determines what customers have to do to be removed from your newsletter list. Each mass newsletter you send out has a link at the bottom to unsubscribe. If this is set to Double, then customers only have to click the link to be removed from your list. If Triple, they have to click the link and then click a button on the page it takes them to.
Newsletter.UseCaptchaIf this is set to true, customers have to enter a CAPTCHA code to be added to the list. it is highly recommended to leave this set to true, to prevent spam submissions.