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This article applies to: MultiStore

Manage Ratings

From the Configuration Menu, click Polls and Reviews → Manage Ratings

Enabling ratings allows customers to make comments on your products, which can help boost sales and determine if it's desirable to keep selling certain products. Bear in mind that enabling this feature will add to the maintenance of the store, as you will want to keep a fairly close eye on your ratings to ensure inappropriate material is not being posted on your site.

NOTE: It is not possible to enable ratings on some products and not others. If ratings are enabled, they appear on all products.

Managing Ratings

On this page in the admin site, you can see a list of all of your current ratings. Ratings can be searched by term, and filtered by whether or not they contain phrases you have set up as bad words on your site.

Enabling Ratings

To turn ratings on, you will need to set your RatingsEnabled AppConfig to true. There are also 3 other AppConfigs which affect how your ratings feature works:

AppConfig NameDescription
RatingsCanBeDoneByAnonsIf this is true, customers do not have to register to post comments on your site. We highly recommend this is left false, as it will cut down on spam/junk postings.
RatingsCommentFrameVisibilityIf this is set to 'visible', the voting worker window will be shown on product pages. This is for debugging purposes only, this should be set to 'hidden' on a live site.
RatingsPageSizeThis determines how many ratings show per page on product detail pages. If the number of ratings on the product exceeds this, customers will have to click a link to navigate through the list. We recommend this be kept to a pretty small number.

Ratings Display

If a product does not yet have a comment, customers will see this on the product detail page:

If they click the link to create a rating, this window will open:

Once the rating is saved, customers will see a box similar to this on the product detail page: