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Advanced Shipping Options

Basic information on setting up shipping can be found at the links below:

- Realtime Shipping
- Fixed Rate Shipping

This article discusses the advanced shipping features/settings that may need to be used on your site.

Preventing Shipping Methods

Store owners may not want to allow customers to use all shipping methods that shipping carriers return (for example, your products may not qualify for Media Mail but USPS will return it anyway based on weight). To do this, simply enter the names of the shipping methods you wish to hide exactly as they appear on your shipping methods page in the RTShipping.ShippingMethodsToPrevent AppConfig, as a comma separated list (do not include IDs).

NOTE: For versions prior to, USPS shipping method names must be preceded by 'U.S. Postal' - for example U.S. Postal Media Mail.

Free Shipping

The software can be configured to grant free shipping on some orders, for customer levels, coupons, large orders, etc. The following AppConfigs must be set for this to work properly:

AppConfig NameDescription
FreeShippingThresholdIf you want to grant free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount, put that amount here (no formatting, just the numeric value). All orders over that amount will automatically get free shipping.
FreeShippingAllowsRateSelectionStore admins will generally want to use the cheapest (and therefore slowest) shipping method for their free shipping orders. Customers are sometimes willing to pay for shipping that would normally be free if it means getting their purchase faster. If you want to allow this, set this AppConfig to true and customers will be able to choose whether to use the free method, or pay for one of the faster methods you offer.
ShippingMethodIDIfFreeShippingIsOnIf you are granting free shipping on some orders, the shipping method ID must be in this AppConfig to tell the software what to give the customers. That ID can be found on this page.

Restricting Free Shipping to Geographic Locations

If you wish to restrict Free Shipping to specific geographic regions (such as the United States), you just need to set the AppConfig: ShippingMethodIDIfFreeShippingIsOn to shipping methods that are only available to the specific geographic region, and then set the AppConfig: FreeShippingAllowsRateSelection to TRUE.

Shipping and Handling Fees

If you want to add an extra fee to the shipping costs generally charged on your store, the AppConfigs below will allow you to do so. Keep in mind that this fee is charged on ALL orders, it cannot be selectively applied.

AppConfig NameDescription
ShippingHandlingExtraFeeWhatever value is put in this AppConfig will be added to the normal shipping costs on your site. This should be a simple numeric value, no $ or other special characters.
ApplyShippingHandlingExtraFeeToFreeShippingHandling fees are not normally charged on orders that would otherwise receive free shipping. If you wish to charge the handling fee even on those orders, set this to true. NOTE: This setting has been deprecated as of 9.3, and will be removed in the next version.

Renaming Real Time Shipping Methods

Beginning in version admins have the ability to rename all real time shipping rate methods returned from the carriers.


UPS has a new API that allows more flexibility and features than the standard realtime rates API. Store admins must get a special account from UPS, and beyond the standard setup directions, the RTShipping.UPS.AccountNumber AppConfig will have to be populated.

Negotiated Rates
See here for information on offering special discounted shipping rates.

Reordering/Renaming Shipping Methods
See this page for details on rearranging the display order and altering the display name of UPS-returned shipping methods.

Default Address Types
By editing the RTShipping.UPS.AddressTypeBehavior AppConfig, store admins can force a certain address type for all orders. Allowed values are:

blank (default) - Customer selection is used. 'Unknown' is treated as 'Residential'
ForceAllResidential - All customer addresses are sent to UPS as 'Residential'
UnknownsAreCommercial - Customer selection is used. 'Unknown' is treated as 'Commercial'
ForceAllCommercial - All customer addresses are sent to UPS as 'Commercial'

Delivery Confirmation With the RTShipping.UPS.DeliveryConfirmation AppConfig, store admins can specify that their orders should require delivery confirmation. Allowed values are:

blank (default) - no confirmation required